Late Entries

Race entry cut-offs are in place to allow enough time to prepare races.  The Combine takes pride in its handicapping and our ability to adjust grades based on entries for a particular race instead of simply locking you into a grade - but this takes time. 
In other words, please get your entries in by the cut-off time which is almost always Thursday 9AM.  If you miss the cut-off, you can email and ask nicely for a spot.  We might be in a good mood and might have spare time for your late entry.  Of course if you are a volunteer, it is likely we are in a better mood with more time.  The earlier you get in with a late entry the better. 

Please note that late entries are not guaranteed and are only granted by exception.  We have jobs and families too, so there is no guarantee of us granting late entries or responding to your request - we will if we can. 

If you are unsure whether you may be able to race, we prefer that you 'Enter and Scratch' rather than chase a late Entry.

Those who are granted a late entry will also incur an additional $5 surcharge.  It is then the duty of the rider to check the Start Lists to see whether they have been granted a race start.

Riders should avoid turning up on race day unless they have been advised they have a start, either directly or by having been added to a Startlist (noting that addition of single rider will not necessarily trigger the re-publication of a startlist and the rider may have to wait until the final startlist is published)

We recognise that there will an array of reasons outside of people's control leading to riders requesting late entries. Please note that Late Entries require manual intervention and duplication of effort and as such we request these be kept to an absolute minimum where possible.