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How To Volunteer in 2017

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Volunteers are integral aspect of the Combine.  They are essential for the smooth, safe and economical running of races.
We rely on you and your mates to 'give something back' and support the Combine. And of course we look after those who contribute to the community with various benefits such as reduced race entry fees.  Contact for the volunteer coordinator and roster administrator can be found here
The following roles are required to run a race, and you can nominate to undertake any of these roles.
  • Corner Marshal - Ensure safety of riders at corners and other areas of the race course.
  • Lead Car - The driver of the lead car will follow the first rider on the road in a race.
  • Follow Car - The driver of the follow car will follow the last bunch/rider on the road and will also act as a sweep of the course to ensure everyone has finished.
  • Finish Line - We need someone on certain courses to write down rider numbers as they pass the finish line to help with our handicapping team with the database so we know who is in breakaway or off the back of the main bunch of riders.
  • Entry Steward - The steward makes life better for riders and committee members by collecting licences, handing out numbers before the race and reorganising numbers at the end of the race.  This person may be involved with other aspects of the race as needed. 
Volunteers that are unable to meet their commitment are required to find a replacement person to perform their role. They are also asked to notify the Volunteer Coordinator and their Club Representative before COB Thursday before the nominated race that the person performing their role has changed. Please see this page for details.
If these expectations are not met:
  • You will be required to pay the full race fee for the remainder of the season (you lose the volunteer discount).
  •  If a replacement can not be found then a member from your club will be selected at random from the race list to fill your place.
  • You are  impacting the ability of the Northern Combine to run safe road racing and it may mean the race needs to be cancelled. 
 The full Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: Volunteering FAQ 

Looking to get more involved with racing?
If you are looking to learn more about cycling management or have a greater impact on Combine racing, we have different ways for people to contribute. 

There are two distinct roles which are a bit more involved than volunteering for a single race.  We have developed tools and mentoring frameworks for those who wish to assist through these roles.


Race Director


What is it?

The RD is responsible for organising and promoting the race, then making sure things happen on the day.  This can vary from arranging first aid to obtaining trophies to arranging a BBQ with the local CFA.      

The umpire of the cycling world.  Comms are responsible for running the race an hour before and an hour after the event. 


This is a chance to get into cycling event management.  You can inject your own interests and personality into an event then see the results on the day. 

This counts as a volunteer role

A rewarding role in that you have an active hand in developing the racing community, improving safety and fairness.  You will develop stronger communication skills and improve your own cycling knowledge and tactics.  

This counts as a volunteer role

Time commitment?

The RD is a critical role for making races happen and the workload can vary depending on the race.  We ask that you attend one Committee meeting before the race

There is a clear set of tasks, some very quick, which are addressed a month, 2 weeks, a week, days before and during the race. 

You get to choose which and how many races you want to Commissaire for.  It can fit well into your recovery weeks or on courses which don’t suit your racing. 

A Comm arrives at a race at least 60 mins before the start and sticks around until the end. 

Support available

Over years, the Combine has developed tools to assist RD’s to understand what they need to do and when.  You certainly won’t be starting from scratch and by attending a Committee meeting, you will be assisted by some very experienced individuals. 

After obtaining your Commissaire certification, each club has a senior member to assist you with any questions.   The Combine has also developed a training pack and will match you with senior Comms during races. 


Those who are interested

You must be certified as a Commissaire by Cycling Victoria.

How do I find out more

Contact your Combine Committee Member

You can read more on CV’s page or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.