2018 Rider Feedback

We began collecting rider feedback after each event this year and have been getting great responses.  This was done in order to:

1. Increase transparency
2. Provide member clubs direct access to their events
3. Create a more consistent feel and experience at all Combine events. 

Thank you to everybody who has been completing these surveys.  The Committee and Race Directors have been spending a good deal of time reviewing results and comments.  Below is a summary of the feedback along with some of the main action items coming out of the feedback thus far. 












* event cancelled on the day

Based largely on the comments within the feedback forms, the committee is taking the following steps:

1. Formalise process to pass feedback onto Race Directors and assign them task to summarise positive and negative comments for the committee to consider and share

2. Document and publish the currently informal bad weather policy.  Incorporate policy into Race Director tasks on Thursday night before event so that if at all possible given Melbourne's weather, a call about events proceeding can be made early. 

3. Publish updated guidelines/ clarity on handicapping

4. Reinforce messaging about existing podium/ prize policies

There is plenty more discussion about the comments you pass onto us, so thank you for sharing and please continue to keep the information flowing.