2019 Fixture Announcement

Created: 28 February 2019 Last Updated: 30 March 2019

Volunteer Nominations

<Update 26 March> Two weeks into nominations and the roster is 66% full.  Remember that your partner/ parents/ friends can fill your vol duty while you race. 

<Update 19 March> One week into nominations and the roster is 25% full.  Get in early and you can usually get your preference of events. 

You can now nominate to volunteer for the 2019 season.  The Combine is 100% volunteer led and run - we rely on community members to make this happen. 

Volunteer Nominations can be done here

Besides being a good person and making racing possible, we also love our vols.  Based on popular response from last year, the Season Pass is available once again:
Vol once,
Pay once,
Race as much as you want!

Once you nominate to volunteer, you can get a Season Pass allowing you unlimited racing at Combine run events for just $45 for the season (this excludes 3DT and events run by other clubs).  Entry at individual events as a vol is $15, whereas for others entry is $30 for Combine club members or $35 for non-Combine clubs.  And, we have worked together with the 3 Day Tour so that you get discounted entry to the Tour as well. 

Commissaires, who are also volunteers, can nominate for events here


The 2019 fixture is ready!

Update to fixture - The Individual Time Trial Championships have been moved to September.

Beginning the first weekend of April, we will follow the format from last year with having a number of events in April and May, taking a bit of a pause in June, then ramping back again for July and August.  We are fortunate to continue a number of partnerships adding more to each event. 

Key features include:


None of this is possible without the cycling community standing up for our events.  We will be calling out for volunteer nominations soon.  We love our volunteers and try to show that in many ways, including financially so for the at least 5th year in a row, vol prices will stay at $15 with the season pass available for $45 - that's right, all the racing you want for $45. 

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