Balliang (Hell of the West)

The Combine Championship course that can suit any type of rider - climbers, sprinters, all rounders.  Essentially to win you need to work your tail off.  The big climb (at over 1k with sections well exceeding 20% you need at least a 39x28 gearing for this) happens with 40k left to go, so even if you get over quickly, the pack is still chasing you.  Don't forget Granite Hill with 14k left or the 3k dirt section leading into the finish, finally with a 500m flat finishing straight.  It is anybody's game.

Put your thongs in your back pocket in case you need to walk.

Parking: Balliang Hall NO PARKING AT CFA STATION

Lap: 90k for A, B and C Grades.  Course shortened for other grades

Lap Distance: 

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