Saturday 2 May 2009 - John Sewell HCP

Northern Combine 2009 Road Season

Race Report – Saturday 2nd of May 2009 @ Broadford

‘John Sewell Memorial Handicap’ (93 km)

3 laps of a “31  kilometre  circuit”


Weather:  10-15 am start.  Perfect conditions, resulting with a sunny 14 degrees and a light SW breeze.

Comments: 134 riders pre-entered the event, four riders did not start (but had not withdrawn in accordance with the Northern Combine’s ‘Handicap Scratching Policy.’  This meant that there were 130 starters on the day.

The 12 minute bunch proved to be the hardest workers and caught all in front of them after two laps.
The ultimate winner; Tom Donald was a step or two ahead of all and did way more than his fair share of work and eventually pulled away from a 20 strong bunch with 4km to go.
Ben Koops went with him. 2nd place Gabriel Carey 93 bridged solo!! - Ben was dropped by them on a rise about 1 km later and he came back to the bunch.... did well to get up again for 3rd.
The rest of the bunch were all pretty tired and couldn’t get near the two leaders.
The chasing bunch stayed together until the foot of the last rise which is about 1 km before the finish.


Commissaires:  Hugh Schulz, Simon Perry, Peter Wykes Judges & Timekeeper: David Morgan, Hugh Schulz & Peter Wykes  
Entries: Luke McDonough, Peter Wykes
Presentations:  Alf Walker  [ Brunswick]
Results: Luke McDonough & Andrew McGrath 
Stephen Knight [lead car] SKCC
Samuel McGregor [corner] Brunswick
Andrew McGrath [corner] Hawthorn
David Steinhauser [follow car] Melton
Justin Foster [corner] Brunswick

For great photos see 
1Tom Donald  4312 mins
2Gabriel Carey 9321 mins
3Ben Koops 4612 mins
4Fraser Short 5315 mins
5Daniel Doherty 4212 mins
6Stephanie McGrath 8221 mins
7Michael Hartman 8021 mins
8Tom McDonough 5012 mins
9Greg Castelow 5515 mins
10Matt Talton 9021 mins
11Michael Sparke 8921 mins
12Richard Longmire 4912 mins
13Andrew Gannon 7921 mins
14Brent O'Shannesy 6718 mins
15John Marcan 6015 mins
16Luca Giacomin 4512 mins
17Eric Thompson 9121 mins
18Chris Harney 6918 mins
19Elizabeth Moore 13035 mins
20John McDonald 7218 mins
21Anthony Martin 11530 mins
22Angelo Gasparini 12635 mins
23Andrew Clarke 11030 mins
24Sam Lilley 4812 mins
25Paul Leonard 12835 mins
26John Cornish  3scratch & fastest time
27Tristan Pohl 10scratch & 2nd fastest time
28Nicholas Farley 32 
29Andrew Christie 28 
30Joshua Ferrie 33 
31Ross Mueller5 
32Nathan Elliott31 
33Eliza Bergin135 
34Steve Watson92 
35Mark Ukotic 51 
36Trent Williams12 
37Stuart Lindsay 71 
38Phil Smith36 
39Hugh Singleton 24 
40Aaron Wilson13 
41Jason O'Meara131 
42Chris Devanny56 
43Danny Cohen 2 
44Daniel Staden37 
45Lindsay Tunbridge 38 
46Robert Merkel 129 
47Aaron Wilson13 
48David Anderson27 
49Ben Douglas30 
50Nico Drent 6 
51Justin Foster 34 
52David Rafferton94 
53David Danks 112 
54Brendan Bailley 40 
55Joe Siklic87 
56Noel Jacobs19 
57John Wilson76 
58Geoff O'Hoy104 
59James Foran 59 
60Lisa Coutts 111 
61Geoff O'Loglen 83 
62Shannon Williams 118 
63Neil Blyberg 120 
64Anthony Fewster 17 
65Lee Clinnick95 
66Chris James 146 
67Simon Hastings121 
68Ewin Williams 25  
69Keith Howe 114 
70Deryck Walker 75 
71Kos Samaras4 
72Andrew Pike9 
73Chris Harney59 
74Jati Bean119 
75Patrick Pugliese73 
76Andrew Talati74 
77Viv McCathy21 
78Steve Flaherty81 
79Sally Robertson 132 
80Franco Santoro85 
81Dean Sanfilippo35 
82Phil Bertolus41 
83Andrew Carr54 
84Mick Skerrit88 
85Ian McGinley77 
86Alan Comte96 
87Zara Comte124 
88Rodney Dedman97 
89Shane Grigg113 
90Steve Thomas117 
91Tim Ferrie125 
92Peter Ferrie44 
93Frank Harkins127 
94Jessica Morgan143 
95Ian Beattie144 
96Koder Chehade123 
97Chris Scicluna133 
98Ashley Milne116 
99Paul Morgan149 
100Adrian Chew107 
101Daniel Cecchini65 
102Mitchell Dedman66 
103Anne Gourley139 
104Jarrod Ford138 
105James Chong109 
106Mathew Marques58 
107Mark Horner70 
108Caitlin Chancellor137 
109Nonnie Carr122 
110Paul Lewis101 
111Adam Gibson18 
112Vaughn Allan15 
113Cameron Clamp29 
114Bob Ansell147 
115Claire Campbell145 
116Dane O'Keefe8 
117Trevor Perry62 
118Mel Humpreys-Grey100 
119Brendon O'Meara103 
120Darryl O'Keefe7 
121Alison Raaymaker84 
122Mary Rogers63 
123Shauna Tupper106 
124Justyna Lubkoski102 
125Cristine Foster68 
126Paul Ambry16 
128Mark Picozzi141 
131Jeremy Burrows136