Saturday 9 May 2009 Kyneton Scratch


Unlike Melbourne, Kyneton was faced with dry roads and crystal clear skies with onroad temperatures hovering around 16 to 20 degrees.  North Easterly winds provided for a fast race out to Sutton Grange and a hard head to cross wind on the way back.  Big fields again with over 100 entries received.  D grade was split into two separate races.

Mark Hewat (Sun) took out the A grade race, from Shane Miller and the young Vivian McCathy, with old legs Tom McDonough taking out 4th place.

B grade saw J19 rider Josh Ferrie take out his biggest win ahead of Sam McGregor and NC secretary Mark Ukotic. 

C grade had to content with kangaroos on the circuit and Andrew Wilson (Sun) hopping his way back into B grade. 

Fantastic photos (again) see: 


A Grade

1. Mark Hewat (Sun)

2. Shane Miller (Haw)

3. Vivian McCarthy (Macedon)

4. Tom McDonough (Cob)


B Grade

1. Josh Ferrie (Cob)

2. Sam McGregor (Bruns)

3. Mark UKotic (Sun)


C Grade

1. Andrew Wilson (Sun)

2. Brendon Bailey (Bruns)

3. John Marcan (Sun)

4. Lynsday Turnbridge (Cob)

5. Chris Harney (StK)


D1 Grade

1. Matthew Piccolo

2. Anthony Martin

3. Rob Di Bernardi (Bruns)  


D2 Grade

1. Matt Talton 

2. Paul Leonard (StK)

3. Steven Flaherty (StK) 


E Grade

1. Andrew Lewis (StK)

2. Tim Marsh (3RL)

3. Wesley Cordingly (StK)


Thanks to Commissaires: Hugh Shulz, Simon Perry, Chris Hitchen, Luke McDonough

Results/Judges: David Morgan/Hugh Shulz

Thanks to corner marshals and follow vehicles.