2019 Annual General Meeting

Created: 11 September 2019 Last Updated: 11 September 2019

The 2019 Northern Combine Annual General Meeting details are below:

When: Monday, 14 October at 7PM

Where: Brunswick Clubrooms - Harrison St Brunswick

Come chat about cycling, the year that was and most importantly, the road ahead. 

The Combine is volunteer run and we encourage broad participation - most committee members are also actively racing across all grades.  There are different ways to being involved, ranging from a formal role at regular meetings to addressing particular projects of choice.  Often when riders say, "Why doesn't the committee do this?" The response is, "That's a great idea and we would love for you to make that happen." 

As I step down as president this year, I would like to thank the committee, which has largely been the same group for the past two years.  We have adapted our approach and this has resonated in the vibe at races.  This has only been possible because a wide group of us are each contributing our pieces. 

If you are looking for services in any of the areas below, please consider our sponsors who have contributed to our cycling community this year.


Looking for home financing?          An apartment or shopping by La Trobe Uni?         Need bike stuff around Clifton Hill? 

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Bike servicing at your work?                        Gels and bars?



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