2019-05-18: Pop Stewart Memorial

Created: 12 May 2019 Last Updated: 12 May 2019


Pop was renowned for his attention to detail, his preparation of the Allard Park cinder track is one example [similar to tennis court gravel], he would water, rake and roll the surface and no one would be permitted on the track for at least three hours to allow it to settle. Everyone could tell the difference if someone else had prepared the track on a Saturday. Pop was the Handicapper, back then every Saturday was a Handicap at Brunswick. The common goal of any young competitor was to make it to A grade and work their way back to Scratch. That’s what Pop would tell you and his words encouraged all to give it their best effort.

Pop’s daughter was interested in the bikes and he was drawn into becoming an active committeeman through her. Pop took over the president’s role when some Brunswick members convinced the relatively unknown Pop to put his name forward as President of the Club. The then (unpopular) current President was so annoyed that he did not nominate and Pop, a footballer, became the president unchallenged! Pop as a non-rider then went on to preside over the club for twenty years in the role as president.

Pop was organising racing in 1953 and 29 years later in 1982 was still a pivotal person for Brunswick and Victorian racing. All handicaps were meticulously handwritten using carbon paper. Pop was aided by a fantastic memory for riders and always gave great encouragement of riders of all ages perfect gentleman.

“I remember well my first meeting with Pop Stewart. It was my first ever bike race as a 14 year old at Mickleham Rd. Pop was the handicapper, he put me off limit and I finished last, but I remember well his encouragement to come back the next week and try again. I guess I’m still coming back for more 40 odd years later, I owe him a lot!!!! I think one of Pop’s great qualities was his equal treatment to all, whether you were an Australian Champion or riding off limit, he had time for everyone. Pop was a long serving handicapper with Brunswick and also was handicapper for the VACU (Pre VCF and CSV) for several years. He was a great servant to both Brunswick and Victorian Cycling.” Richard McCorkell



The Pop Stewart Memorial will be on the Broadford course with registrations at Lions Park off of High Street. There is a 15 minute ride to the start line on Sugarloaf Creek Rd, so leave time.  The course is 3 laps of 33k and is as scenic as it is tough - you will be wishing it were just a bit shorter. 

This is the first of the NorthWestern Handicap Tour for 2019, our collaboration with Footscray and Geelong Cycling Clubs.  You can collect points at each of the 4 races throughout the season with the top 10 taking home series prize money. 

All riders must enter in advance via the EntryBoss link below with entries closing on Thursday morning. The link also contains further race information. 

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There are no on-the-day entries.


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