AGM 2018

Created: 20 October 2018 Last Updated: 23 October 2018

Northern Combine Annual General Meeting
7PM Monday, 12 November
Terminus Hotel, 492 Queens Pde. Fitzroy North

We’ll be talking about the year that was and select new committee positions.  Importantly the committee is seeking proposals from Combine club members for 2019 investments – due to higher than expected entries this year we have extra revenue.  If there is something you are passionate about improving in our events, we want to hear it and maybe fund you to make the improvement.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. beforehand to discuss.

Some of the types improvements we might hear include:
  - Traffic management, managers and closed roads
  - Timing system
  - New equipment

The year in review

Normally this would be a chance to go through everything that we did this year, but after quite a bit of travel lately, I wanted to convey two stories instead. 

On a trip to Darwin, I swam at a beautiful pool on Ross Smith Ave.  Upon leaving, there was a discreet sign for the 1934 Qantas Hangar a few streets over.  I meandered into this rather unimpressive building to be welcomed by 2 nice guys, a stifling heat and a rather unimpressive exhibit (unless you are a motor enthusiast, in which case the place is, interesting).   However, what I learned there was that this humble hangar served as a critical point as the last stop in the country for the first flights to London, connecting Australia to the world.  And Ross Smith Avenue was actually the original airstrip.  Some very special events and people in our history had congregated around this humble place.  There was no flash there, just a group of people doing extraordinary things. 

I also recently did some cycling in the US and Europe and spoke with a number of people about the racing scenes.  Their stories were consistent.  There was very little road racing left; instead occasional crits, CX, a few proper road events for elite riders and fondo style events that were expensive and not properly competitive – the riders lamented about the lack of road racing opportunities.  Club level road racing was deemed too difficult and required professional level management to run. 

     These 2 experiences made me realise a few things:

            -  We don’t need all the bells and whistles to make something awesome happen

            - What we have in Melbourne for road racing is unique – how amazing is it that we have as many different road races and clubs as we do in Victoria

            - What makes our scene possible and awesome are the people – Victoria has a rich history of a strong cycling community. 

So, my thought for 2018 and going forward is that the Combine views what we do through a lens of strengthening the racing community.  We meet success or failure at any given event by asking – did the group come together at all through this?  Riders frequently approach committee members with suggestions, something to the effect of, “Why don’t you…..?”  We welcome suggestions, but often my response is, “Well if you are passionate about….. why don’t you make it happen?” 

This is your community and there are a number of ways you can contribute to it, such as:

·         1) Joining the committee – we have different roles that require various levels of experience and time commitment. 

·         2) Pitching an idea to the committee for investment at the AGM

·         3) Volunteering and sticking to it

·         4) Helping your club run its race

·         5) Be excellent to each other.  Talk/Welcome somebody new.  Remember that even your riding nemesis is still good for you – s/he is pushing you harder, making you better and you can be grateful that s/he is there.  If you see somebody who is genuinely trying but doing the wrong thing, be constructive with your suggestions.  Cyclists get enough grief from drivers, let's be good each other. 

Enough philosophy.  Back to riding. 

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