2018-07-07: Wood Sellars Memorial Handicap

Created: 01 July 2018 Last Updated: 01 July 2018


Geelong Cycling Club is running the third event in the NorthWestern Handicap Tour. The Tour has been getting great response from riders so far.  This is a new course for the Combine out in Maude, which is just past Balliang - web says it is a 69 minute drive.  

Pay special attention to the race listing.  As this event is being run by Geelong, there are some logistic differences to normal Combine races, such as start times! 

All riders must enter in advance via the EntryBoss link below. The link also contains further race information. As this is a handicap, we ask that you enter before Thursday. 

EntriesEntry Boss

Entries open Sunday at 6pm for vols and then Monday at 9pm for non-vols.  Entries close on Thursday morning.  There are no on-the-day entries.

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