2018 Fixture Announcement

Created: 23 February 2018 Last Updated: 28 February 2018

<updated 28 Feb>

Volunteer Registrations are open for the 2018 season including the Three Day Tour. 

At this time riders from Northern Combine member-clubs are invited to nominate for volunteer duties for the 2018 Road Race Season and the 3 Day Tour. 

You can submit your nomination here.

About the volunteer process:

  • Volunteer status is only open to Northern Combine member clubs at this time.
  • Allocation of duties is a manual process and we will do our best to match your preferences with what is required.  These can take some time to process so please be patient.  Once you have nominated you are provided Volunteer Status
  • Further information can be found on the Volunteer Roster page

Once confirmed via email, you can assume you are locked in. Please take your commitment seriously.  We cancelled one race last year due to a lack of volunteers. 

Please note that riders can claim Volunteer Status from the moment they nominate for a volunteer duty (ie no need to wait for a confirmed role). If for some reason a suitable duty cannot be found, riders must relinquish their Volunteer Status.  Benefits of volunteering include:

·         Preferential early entry to races;

        ·         discounted race entry all season including the $45 season pass allowing you to enter all 11 Combine club run events (individual vol race entry is $15 which hasn't changed in years);

·         cycling karma and the love from your fellow riders.  We are completely volunteer run and have thrived for this long because of our great community members. 

Any Questions? Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



We are excited to bring you the 2018 Fixture!!!  There is a mix of familiar and new this year as we have taken on feedback and been forming new friendships.

The Volunteer Roster will open for Combine club members on Wednesday, 28 February.  All Combine racing is volunteer led, organised, run, etc and we are only able to race because of our great community members.  Exciting for this year is the new volunteer season pass option.  Volunteers are able to enter all Combine club races for the low price of $45.  That's right, up to 11 races for $45!  That means you get dirt cheap racing, preferential entry, you make racing possible and we think you are awesome.  Single entry prices are still available for $15.  

Some exciting changes for this year

For it's 60th year celebration, the 3 Day Tour is moving to the end of April.  More information to come on this....

The Combine has partnered with Footscray and Geelong Cycling Clubs to bring you....   The NorthWestern Handicap Tour - Swap Off or Drop Off.  This is a series of 7 handicaps with points aggregation, different courses and the pooling of all our riders.  Primarily in the winter months, this will be a mark of who's who amongst serious cyclists and leave you in stunning form for crit season.  We will be releasing more details about the series as it approaches.  

A new course!?!  Fully closed roads?  Within Melbourne!!!  That's right, the Autumn Cycling Classic at LaTrobe University will be a teams point race with sprints and KOMS.  LaTrobe University is warmly welcoming us to their beautiful campus for what will be an awesome event, not to be missed.  

The Women's Series is back again!  In addition to our normal racing with separate women's results, there will be 3 races with Women specific grades, including marshaled C Grade and overall points aggregation. Please see here for more information on Women's racing

We will continue our practice from last year of having lead and follow cars along with Commissaires for each grade/ bunch.  Although this costs more and requires more volunteers, we felt this created a safer environment for all last year.  

Junior racing is now consolidated.  We are focusing on having separate junior grades at just 4 races to provide the best experience.  These races are marked on the fixture.  Juniors wishing to enter senior grades can still do so, per the tech regs.  All juniors must now use EntryBoss - no on the day registration.  This should make entries easier for all and also helps us comply with new child regulations.  

The Combine clubs have all agreed to provide social events at every event.  We are more than just cyclists, we are a community and want to support that at events.  Social events include BBQ's, fund raisers, women's grades, E grades, Come & Try days and even live timed results.  We are looking forward to what creative ideas the clubs come up with up.  

Feedback - We are looking into collecting and sharing rider feedback about each event.  Let's open this up a bit.  


It has to be said again - all of this is possible because of how many awesome people are willing to contribute.  We encourage you to get involved and help keep this going.  

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