2018 Preparation

Created: 05 November 2017 Last Updated: 05 November 2017

At the AGM in October, several significant changes were proposed and accepted by club leadership to take the Northern Combine into 2018 – all 8 clubs with 6 presidents were in attendance.  The biggest is to reinvigorate the committee by structuring it around functional teams instead of the club delegate system.  Among other things, this means:

·          - Individuals can more easily get involved and impact how races are run.

·          - Although meetings will continue, the focus is on team delivery.  Only one representative from each team is required at committee meetings – more action less meeting. 

With that, if you have an interest in certain aspects of racing, we welcome you to contact us to see how to get involved.  To elect leadership roles for next year (1 per team), we are getting together on Monday, 11 December at 7PM at the Terminus in North Fitzroy. 

New Structure

The hope is that there are passionate people within our community who feel drawn to contribute to/ improve particular aspects of racing.  It should be noted that these roles shouldn't interfere with a person's ability to race.  Also due to the need of continuity of relationships with external organisations, it is expected that those interested in the Racing team will be on that team for multiple years.

Financial Update

In 2017, the Combine had revenue of just over $20k, which is down on previous years.  Consistent with prior years though is that the approximately 40% of revenue went towards prize money – 41.3% to be exact for this year.  The Combine generally keeps prize money consistent all season, so awards are the same at big and small races. 

In an effort to increase safety, we had Commissaires behind almost every bunch this year.  Fuel reimbursements for Comms therefore grew significantly and were the second largest expense at 35% of revenue. 


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