2017 Season Summary

Created: 23 August 2017 Last Updated: 25 September 2017

Northern Combine Annual General Meeting
Monday, 23 October at 7pm
Terminus Hotel, 492 Queens Pde North Fitzroy

We reached the end of our season.  Thank you to each of you for making this community what it is – riders making it interesting racing, volunteers for keeping us safe, commissaires for keeping us honest, the local towns and councils for welcoming us and all the many little gestures and pieces of work that allow us to do what we do.  We hope you made some friends and have good memories from the season. 

  • 12 races (counting the 3 Day Tour even though it’s not us) from April to August.  

  • 1,016 entries from 456 individuals.  Of those 785 entries are from Combine clubs with the average Combine rider doing 2.5 races. 

  • On average there have been 85 entries per race.  April and May races have higher entries, but we have maintained a financial management position of keeping the prize money consistent all season.

  • 97 registered volunteers plus a few unofficial helpers!

  • 64 Commissaire positions filled by 24 people.  Each Comm did an average of 2.7 races.  The increase in our pool along with additional support tools meant that we had Comms for nearly every bunch and often extra to assist with better results tracking, lead/follow cars and marshalling support. 

  • Another successful Women’s Series sponsored by Bates + Co supporting 2 scratch races with dedicated women’s grades, plus the Combine Champs and ITT offering separate grading.  This was supported by Combine’s updated policy of equal prizes for each place getter all season between men and women. 

  • Increased social opportunities during events with more sizzles, feeds and Fondo rec ride options held this year.  We intend to expand this further in future years. 

  • Flexible handicapping!  Developed over many years, our proactive approach to handicapping means we were able to flex grades this year depending on the demographics of any particular race.  We believe this flexibility gives riders the best possible experience each race instead of just locking people into a grade. 

  • Donations made to the Balliang CFA and Newham Primary School based on rider donations, entries and Combine contributions.  We have enjoyed long and deepening relationships with these communities. 

  • Continued fixture co-sharing with Footscray Cycling Club.  Again this year, both the Combine and Footscray invited the other to share one race each on our fixtures.  We believe doing this offers riders the best experience in terms of rider numbers, different kinds of racing and each organisation learning from each other. 

  • New prize sponsors: Temple Brewing Company supported us to offer the coveted Bicycle Beer Master Brewer prize for the first 40+ rider in A & B grades.  Winners Bars joined us mid-way in the season to offer prize packs for the first unplaced woman in each grade. 

  • Deeper results – we are getting better at capturing more than just the podium by experimenting with technology.  This has included being able to offer timing at some events.  It’s not at every race, but the frequency and solutions are improving.     

We welcome your feedback and participation to make 2018 even better. 

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